Thursday, February 28, 2008

St. Andrews Church

St. Andrews Church- A wellspring of hope for the youth of the Lisbon Avenue Community. Community Garden located south of St. Andrews promotes a vision of urban Beauty and inspiration, of what a community can evolve to. The most important part of a community is it’s people, their talent and skills; through hard work and dedication streets can evolve to community. One of the most overlooked resources of a community or group of streets is children, if within them you can cultivate, idealism, respect, pride in the community, work ethic and dedication, they will cultivate and grow a real community. Though often than not, things happen, people move, that sense of commitment will remain, and we will be better for it, as a people, as Americans. St. Andrews church offers many things for the young, most of which is long lasting stability, Care, and loving, respectful guidance. By participating in L.A.N.D, the church is ensuring that the needs of the community and the kids is being satisfied, ensuring a safer future for this evolving community.

Monday, February 4, 2008


LAND does a wide array of things for the community;
-Building Supplies: Solicits donations of new building materials and then distributes them to Milwaukee homeowners.
-Tool Rental: A low cost tool loan program for City of Milwaukee residents.
-Economic Development: Markets North Avenue, Vliet Street and Lisbon Avenue to potential businesses, in order to bring back services and jobs to our community. An equity loan fund designed to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs locating on Vliet Street.
-Neighborhood Leadership Development: Neighborhood leaders learn skills to take charge of their community and make a positive difference. Residents form committees to identify issues, monitor the resolution of problems and inform others.
-Neighborhood Safety: Crime reduction by eliminating trouble spots.
-Resident Building Inspection: Volunteer resident inspectors identify properties with code violations and assist in satisfactory resolution. Also offers Homeowner Fairs and Tenant Rights and Responsibility workshops.
-Youth Action Council: Provides leadership training and education for neighborhood youth as they work on issues important to them.
-Home Buying Counseling: A program to provide all necessary information for first time buyers and home owners at risk of foreclosure. This program began in September of 1997.